Donor Hospital Clinical Indicators

Call within 1 hour of any patients of any age on mechanical ventilation or life support that has met or is expected to meet any of the following:
  • An injury or illness causing a critical condition or grave prognosis
  • An injury or illness deeming the patient unlikely to survive
  • Anticipation of any palliative or end of life discussion
  • Prior to any de-escalation of care or treatment, or initiation of DNR status
  • Loss of any brain stem reflexes
  • GCS of 5 or less regardless of sedation
  • Any mention of organ or tissue donation
  • Any instability or other signs that the patient's condition is deteriorating
  • Initiation of hypothermia protocol
  • Any patient where consideration has been made to withdraw life support or extubate
To maintain the option for TISSUE donation:
  • Call to report within 1 hour every cardiac time of death
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